Important Days


Jan 1 —- Army Medical Corps Establishment Day
Jan 8 —- African National Congress Foundation Day
Jan 9 —- Pravasi Bharatiya Divas
Jan 10 —- World Laughter Day
Jan 11 —-Death anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri
Jan 12 —- National youth Day (Birth Day of Swami Vivekanand)
Jan 15 —- Army Day
Jan 23 —- Netaji Subhashchandra Bose’s birth anniversary
Jan 25 —- International Customs Duty Day, India Tourism Day, Indian Voter Day
Jan 26 —- Republic Day
Jan 28 —- Birth anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai
Jan 30 —- (Martyr’s day) Mahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom Day; World LeprosyEradication Day
Jan 31 —- World Leprosy Eradication Day


Feb 2 —- Natinal Day of Srilanka, World Wetlands Day
Feb 5 —- Kashmir Day (Organised by Pakistan)
Feb 13 —- Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary
Feb 14 —- St. Valentine’s Day
Feb 24 —- Central Exise Day

Feb 28 —- National Science Day


Mar 3 —- Natinal Defence Day
Mar 4 —- National Security Day
Mar 8 —- International Women’s Day
Mar 9 —- CISF Raising Day
Mar 12 —- Mauritius Day; Central Industrial Security Force Day
Mar 15 —- World Consumer Day
Mar 16 —- National Vaccination Day
Mar 21 —- World Forestry Day
Mar 22 —- World Day of Water
Mar 23 —- World Meterological Day
Mar 24 —- World TB Day
Mar 26 —- Bangaladesh Liberation Day


April 1 —- Orissa Day
April 5 —- Natinal Meritime Day
April 7 —- World Health Day
April 13 —- Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre Day (1919)
April 14 —- B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day
April 18 —- World Heritage Day
April 22 —- World Earth Day
April 23 —- World Books Day


May 1 —- International Labour Day, Maharashtra Day
May 3 —- International Energy Day
May 8 —- International Red Cross Day (It is celebraed to commemorate the birth anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross Organization Jean Henry Dunant)
May 11 —- National Technology Day
May 15 —- International Family Day
May 17 —- World Telecom Day
May 24 —- Commonwealth Day
May 31 —- World No Tobacco Day


June 5 —- World Environment Day


July 1 —- Doctor’s Day
July 4 —- American Independence Day
July 11 —- World Population Day
July 26 —- Kargil Victory Day


Aug 6 —- Hiroshima Day
Aug 9 —- Quit India Movement Day
Aug 12 —- International youth Day
Aug 14 —- Pakistan’s Independence Day
Aug 15 —- India’s Independence Day
Aug 19 —- World Photography Day
Aug 20 —- Sadbhavana Diwas
Aug 29 —- Sports Day (Dhyanchand’s Birth Day)
Aug 30 —- Small Industry Day


Sept 5 —- Teacher’s Day (Dr. Radhakrishnan’s Birth Day)
Sept 7 —- Forgiveness Day
Sept 8 —- International Literacy Day
Sept 14 —- Hindi day,World First Aid Day
Sept 16 —- World Ozone Day
Sept 21 —- World Alzheimer’s day
Sept 25 —- Social Justice Day
Sept 27 —- World Tourism Day


Oct 1 —- International Day for the Elderly(UN)
Oct 2 —- Gandhi Jayanti
Oct 3 —- World Nature Day, World Habitat Day
Oct 4 —- World Animal Day
Oct 5 —- World Teacher’s Day
Oct 6 —- World Wildlife Day, World Food Security Day
Oct 8 —- Indian Airforce day
Oct 9 —- World Postal Day
Oct 10 —- World Mental Health day; National Post Day
Oct 12 —- World Sight day
Oct 13 —- World Calamty Control Day(UN)
Oct 14 —- World Standard Day
Oct 15 —- World White cane day(guiding the blind)
Oct 17 —- International poverty
Oct 20 —- National Solidarity Day (China attacked India on that day)
Oct 24 —- United Nations Day
Oct 30 —- World Thrift Day
Oct 31 —- National Integration Day (In memory of Idira Gandhi)


Nov 7 —- Infant Protection day; World Cancer Awareness Day
Nov 9 —- Legal Service Day
Nov 10 —- Transport Day
Nov 14 —- Children’s day/ World Diabetics day
Nov 17 —- Guru Nanak Dev’s Birth Anniverrsary
Nov 26 —- Law Day
Nov 30 —- Flag Day


Dec1 —- World AIDS Day
Dec 3 —- World Disability Day
Dec 4 —- Navy Day
Dec 7 —- Armed Force Flag Day
Dec 10 —- Human Rights day
Dec 11 —- UNICEF Day
Dec 14 —- National Energy Conservation Day
Dec 19 —- Goa’s Liberation day
Dec 23 —- Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day)


Q-1)Mohaenjodaro Civilization was discovered in 1922 by

a) R.B.Dayaram

b) R.D. Banerjee

c)J.P. Joshi



Q-2)Who stayed in Jahangir’s court

a)William Hawkins


c)John Surman

d)None of these


Q-3)Andromeda is nearest………… ours Galaxy.






Q-4)IST longitude passes through middle of India near



c) Ayodhya



Q-5)Constitutional assembly of India in 1946 set up under………….?

a)Cabinet Plan

b)Union Plan

c)Indian Assembly Plan

d) Cabinet Mission Plan


Q-6)In 1st meeting of constitutional assembly in 1946, who was elected president

a)Rajendra prasad

b)Sachidanand Sinha

c) J L nehru

d)None of these


Q-7)In 1950,Planning commission was set-up under

a) J L nehru

b) Rajendra prasad

c) M.N.Roy

d) V B Patel


Q-8)Luminous flux is measured in


b) Candela

c) Decibel



Q-9)1st Person to reach South Pole

a)Robert Peary


c)Robert Walpole

d) None of these


Q-10)Currency of Iran is






How to prepare for SBI clerk recruitment 2013?

Banking job in any cadre offers a number of benefits. Moreover, a mere graduate degree in any discipline is enough to be eligible to take the banking exams. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, what is more important is follow a well-planned path to success.


We all know planning plays a crucial role in the success of an individual in any field. If you plan out things before hand, it becomes easier to crack the exams. So, strategically plan for your exams so that you avoid least minute rush and messing up things. A few tips mentioned below can help you get high grades and you can come out with flying colors.

1.       Read books

It is imperative to read good books on the subjects. So, buy good books from the store nearby and make a thorough preparation. You can also choose to either enroll in a good coaching institute or take online coaching classes or prepare for the exam on your own. The most important thing is to be thorough with whatever you study. Read each and every sentence carefully and try to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject. Go for qualitative instead of quantitative approach. It is better to know some topic thoroughly rather than gaining superficial knowledge on the same.


2.       Learn formulas

Whether preparing for the objective or subjective test, learn all the mathematical formulae carefully. A single mistake can land you in a big trouble and can lose the insight of the goal. What is more important is that you keep practicing and memorizing the formulae every now and then. If they are on your tips you can easily solve the multiple type question (MCQ) easily. MCQ is the prime part of any of the examination scheme. So, work out thoroughly.

3.       Time management

It is one of the crucial parts if you are preparing for an examination. It not only has role to play in preparation but also while attempting the exam. The person who learns to make 28 hours out of the 24 hours in a day is the one who is sure to succeed. So, plan your time properly by allotting time to all the aspects of the exam form written to interview. A balanced approach is the need of the hour in this competitive world. To take an edge over others in this cut-throat competitive world is no easy task. So, work smartly with proper plans.

4.       Fast-speed work

How time flies in the examination hall and also during the preparation is known very well by those who take exams. So, be well prepared so that you don’t need to look up at the ceiling to pass your time. Time allotted for the exam seems to be too much for those who do not know too much about the subject and have shallow knowledge. Those who are well prepared also have issues with the time if they are do not manage time properly. They tend to run out of time and are unable to finish their exam. This too is no wise approach. So, while you are preparing for the exam apart from preparing for the subject matter, keep in mind the time which is allotted to write the exam. Solve a number of question papers available in the market or online within the stipulated time. You can also choose to prepare your own question paper for the mock tests on the basis of the pattern followed in the exam.

5.       Accuracy

Try to attempt only those questions you are very sure of in case negative marking is followed. In case no negative marking is specified you can choose to attempt all the questions. But in case of negative marking, it can prove to be very serious. It has been found that candidates often lose more marks because of attempting the wrong question than the number of questions they are not able to answer. So, be care3ful while attempting the question paper and read the marking scheme before begging with the answers.

6.       Logical Knowledge

Do not beat about the bush. Furnish only relevant information. The quantity of the matter furnished rather than the quantity is evaluated. So, do not write very lengthy answer but precisely enumerate it point by point. Collect relevant information on the subject. If you are not sure of nay answer do not waste your and the examiner’s time. Move to the next question. Probability is that you might score high in the next question, so do not waste your time.

7.       Mathematical Knowledge

Mathematics is the core of all the MCQ tests. MCQ are part of almost all the exams. So, prepare for them by having in-depth knowledge of the mathematical subject and also about how the knowledge can be applied to solve the questions and also in the field.

8.       English command

We know English is a global language and all of us have to have the knowledge to face the modern-day competition. What is more? English as a language is tested in all the exams and SBI clerk recruitment 2013 is no exception.

9.       General Knowledge and current affairs

Update yourself with the current affairs both national and international. The person who knows all about what is happening around is bound to find a place in the job market because such people are considered alert.

10.   Preparation for the interview

During the interview the personality and confidence level of the individual is tested. So, dress well formally in a pressed suit and a tie. Prepare about the company and the job profile you are looking for. Be prepared with the possible questions. Follow up the letter or the email.


Books to follow

1)      Quantitative Aptitude: R.S Aggarwal, M Tyra

2)      Reasoning: Arihant, R.S Aggarwal

3)      English: Lucent General English

4)      General Knowledge/Current Affairs: Lucent/Pearson, Pratiyogita Darpan/Mahindra/Chronical etc

5)      Computer: Arihant Multiple Choice

6)      Banking Awareness: Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Focus and Dedication

Keep yourself focused on the subject if you want to succeed. Do not divert your attention from the prime matter. Only when your goal is defined would you be able to reach it and realize your dream. So, dedicate yourself fully to the cause.


Q-1)Who is acting as interim president in Egypt now-a-days?

a)A.Mahmoud Mansoor

b)Mohammed Badie

c)Mahdi Aakef

d)None of these


Q-2) Richest person of India for 6th consecutive year is

a)Mukesh Ambani

b) Anil Ambani

c)L N Mittal

d)Ratan Tata


Q-3)Which state is 1st to introduce e-GPF




d) Arunachal pradesh


Q-4)Number of high courts in India





Q-5)Navneet Kaur Dhillon won which beauty contest?

a) Miss India 2013

b) Miss Punjab 2013

c) Miss Asia 2013

d) Miss universe 2013


Q-6)Anthony Lewis died recently, he had won which prize twice?

a)Pulitzer Prize

b)Nobel Prize

c) Able Prize

d)None of these


Q-7) BRICS Summit recently took place in



c) Russia

d) S.Africa


Q-8)Indoor Mapping firm WiFiSlam bought by


b) Apple

c) Sony

d)None of these


Q-9)Indian Wells  BNP Paribas open 2013 won by

a)Novak Djokovic

b)Mahesh Bhupati

c)Rafael Nadal

d) Andy Marray


Q-10)Which of the following is National Statistical Day

a)29 June

b) 29 July

c)29 March

d)28 june


Q-1)Harappa Civilization was discovered by

a)R.D. Banerjee


c)J.P. Joshi



Q-2) Portuguese lost Hoogly during the reign of




d) Shahjahan


Q-3)Milky way galaxy shape is



c)Not defined yet

d) None of these


Q-4)Tropic of cancer in India passes through nearby


b) Jabalpur

c) Kanpur



Q-5)Who was appointed constitutional advisor of assembly in 1946?



c)V B Patel

d) J L nehru


Q-6)In 1st meeting of constitutional assembly in 1946, who was its interim president

a)Rajendra prasad

b)Sachidanand Sinha

c) J L nehru

d)None of these


Q-7)In 1938,National Planning commission was set-up under

a) J L nehru

b) Rajendra prasad

c) M.N.Roy

d) V B Patel


Q-8)Magnetic induction is measured in


b) Candela

c) Decibel



Q-9)1st Person to reach North Pole

a)Robert Peary


c)Robert Walpole

d) None of these


Q-10)Currency of Afghanistan is




d) None of these



Q-1)Who is Governor of Sikkim?



c)B.L. Joshi



Q-2) Who has won UAE’s ‘Emirates Woman Award 2013′?

a)Vandana Ghandhi

b)Indira Nooyi

c)Naina lal kidwai

d) None of these


Q-3)International Woman day is celeberated acroos the world on

a)8 March

b)10 March

c)8 April

d) 23 April


Q-4)Chief Guest at Mauritius Independence day was

a)Barack Obama

b) Manmohan Singh

c) Pranab Mukhrjee

d)Nicolas Maduro


Q-5)Which country has inaugurated World’s largest solar power plant?






Q-6)Which country has won Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament title recently?



c) Austraila



Q-7) Name of World’s largest solar power plant is


b) Shams 1

c) Roshni

d) None of these

Q-8)National Bioscience award for 2012 won by

a)S.Venkata Mohan

b) Abdul Kalam

c) Both of these

d)None of these


Q-9)ATP Dubai open Tennis title 2013 won by

a)Novak Djokovic

b)Mahesh Bhupati

c)Rafael Nadal

d) Andy Marray


Q-10)World Forestry day is celebrated on

a)22 March

b)21 March

c)21 April

d)21 june